Mango, Cashews & Honey Filo Cigar

Mango, Cashews & Honey Filo Cigar

Mango, Cashews & Honey Filo Cigar

Crunch is for many people, the all time favorite texture in food, and this Mango, Cashew & Honey Filo Cigar is the sweetest, crunchiest and easiest dessert I’ve ever cooked (although I couldn’t really choose a favorite out from our sweet section). The ingredients are pretty much listed on it’s name; fresh tropical fruit and roasted cashew nuts, surrounded by a syrupy sweetener such as biological honey or agave for a vegan alternative, wrapped in a delicate outside of crumbly filo. Sounds good right?

There is pretty much no technique or secret to it, it’s all about the right combination of ingredients in their measure, depending to your taste. Try not to over sweeten the filling, specially if you use agave or maple syrup, and make sure the pastry is thick enough to hold its shape, but properly light to toast evenly and crunch up nicely. Also, feel free to change things up, different fruits, nuts and topping can work wonders with this basic idea of a filo cigar. What about apple and cardamom, or strawberries and rhubarb to name a few? Get creative and enjoy!

· 1 Mango
· 2 handfuls of Cashews
· 2 tbsp Honey (or Agave for a 100% vegan option)
· 4 Filo Sheets
· 2 tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil

For the filling, crush and toast the cashews, mix them with the square cutted mango and 2 tbsps of honey. Then brush a filo sheet with some melted coconut oil (pretty much any other fat could also work: melted butter, margarine, or even olive oil are an option). Make a fold on the greased filo sheet and place a line of filling parallel to you. Start rolling the cigar and halfway, fold the edges to the center, keep rolling and finish by brushing the remaining free edge. With the closing fold leaning against the tray, bake at 200ºC for about 15-20 min or until golden. Serve it as it is with a dust of powder sugar or lay a scoop of ice cream when still warm.


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